Celeste Fiallos

chief editor

Celeste (she/her) is a queer Latinx creator. After receiving her BFA degree in acting, she decided to move to Toronto to start new ventures. Her passions can be summed up in 3 C’s - Creating, Coffee and Comedy! Celeste's role in Guava Pussy entails curating the written submissions and the narration of the zine. Her hope in creating GP, is to build a community of authentic storytellers and innovators, and inspire people to live more unapologetically.

When she's not making coffee, you can find Celeste casting love spells on everyone she meets.


Ness DeVos


Ness (they/them) is a nonbinary + queer image maker and visual artist. Their work centres around themes of truth, identity, and beauty; pulling influence from 90s movies, Baroque paintings, and their own journey through navigating queerness. Their role in Guava Pussy includes photographing feature pieces, compiling all art submissions and designing the visual curation of the zine. Their goal in creating GP is to provide a platform for underrepresented voices and help build towards a space for queer artists to be able to create and live in their truth.

If they’re not putting together a mood board, you can find Ness enjoying peanut butter straight from the jar or trying to decide on their new favourite colour.


Eva Sofia Flores


Eva Sofia (she/her) is a Sagittarius actor-turned-publicist, living the Samantha Jones life of her dreams. She immigrated from Mexico when she was 3 years old and grew up in Toronto. Her background in theatre and acting fuels her passion for art and creative thinking. Eva never grew out of her Emo phase and took up skateboarding during quarantine. She has a record-breaking tolerance for spicy food, and she loves her cats, Eddy and Chicken Parm.


Nova Hedges

lead graphic designer

Nova (she/her) is a graphic designer, latte artist, mushroom forager, lover of mice and trained pastry chef. Her passion for graphic design started with translating analog art projects to digital ones. She also really enjoys manipulating type and creating her own fonts. She currently lives in Toronto with her partner and two fur babies.


Niña Tsur

graphic designer

Niña (she/her) is a graphic designer based in New Jersey. She runs a multi-disciplinary studio with clients that include Adult Swim, Giphy, and Penguin Random House.

Nina pulls a lot of inspiration from ‘90s and 2000s nostalgia, mainly her elementary and middle school years. She loves making work that is bright, bold, and fun, and her goal is to cover the world in doodles and bubble letters.

When she’s not working, Nina’s either at a concert or watching reality TV. As a New Jerseyan, her go-to bagel order is an everything bagel, lightly toasted, with scallion cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and an iced tea on the side.


Elaine fe Vallejos

graphic designer

Elaine (she/her) is one of the graphic designers for Guava Pussy Zine: Issue 01. Her hobbies include designing, drinking espresso martinis, and watching reality tv. When she joined this project during COVID, she fell in love with the name and what it stood for. What she loves with the zine is the ability to get out of her comfort zone and work with some talented, creative, badass people.


Avery MacDonald

assistant editor

Avery (she/her) is a Toronto-based actor, writer, and general merrymaker. She has a Taurus Sun, Moon & Venus, with a Leo Rising, which means that she's fastidious, hard-working, well dressed, and fabulous. A history lover, Avery aims to bring light to new and often hidden historical narratives through all of her work. She loves long walks, even longer podcasts, her Friday morning Cinnamon bun, and spending time with her cat/life-partner, Toni.


Molly Phillips

story editor

Molly Phillips (she/her) is an educator, writer, and overly indulgent cat parent. Her special areas of interest include promoting equity through the arts, environmental conservation, philosophy, and literature. She is just tickled pink to be working on Guava Pussy with a team of totally rad femmes and non-binary folks. Molly is also incredibly grateful for the amazing GP community.


Rebecca Lashmar


Rebecca (she/her) is an actor, writer, intimacy professional, Pisces, administrator, avid reader, feminist, asexual, plus sized knowledge sponge who loves baking, cats and making people laugh. Rebecca enjoys focusing on consent based creative practices, wellness and combining theoretical knowledge with embodied practices.